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Warehouse & Workshops Coordinator

Position: Fashion workshop/ Warehouse Coordinator

Department: Middle Management

Location: Argentina, Canada, France, UK, US

Report to: District Supervisor

Summary: The fashion workshop/ Warehouse coordinator is to ensure the integrity of our stock inventory in coordination with the facility’s Quality Control Specialist, manages the space provided to fashion designers, manages the needs of other professionals working there, the seamstress productions, supervises the security personnel that provides security to the compound, compiles his notes and writes a weekly report on the overall management of the facility. The Warehouse Coordinator oversees the operations of our warehouse, this includes managing all shipping and receiving, as well as a small fulfilment team. The Warehouse Coordinator is responsible for managing all incoming and outgoing inventory, while working alongside multiple teams to ensure or.


Schedule: (Day shift, Monday to Friday )

COVID-19 considerations:

This is an on-site role; however, we adhere to safety protocols to keep all employees safe. Daily temperature checks and masks are required, and team members are working in a distanced manner throughout our warehouses, offices, and studios.


Warehouse: 3 years (Preferred)

Warehouse Management: 2 years (Preferred)


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